Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Forest of Touch

i dreamt in the moonlight of a great forest
and the breeze took me off to that place
one where we’re all blind and nothing was seen
and all I could do was
and feel

there’s fear all around and patches of hope
where love slowly draws us together
where moments of pleasure
abound in the forest
where the trees are so deeply asleep

my fear that so gripped me began melting away
with the wonder
the delight
of waking in the forest

for a time i was conscious of only the breeze
as slowly
it began
to slide through me
it thawed out my fear
it changed how I felt
it was as if in this new world
the only embrace
was that of the wind through my limbs
and still

i heard them first
the creatures of this world
twirling through their forest
i heard them on the breeze

they saw me awaken
into this dream
and it seems that my fear kept them somewhat at bay

i can hear them, i can feel them as they moved through their world
as they danced as they laughed
as they moved with the breeze through the trees

and still my fear kept them at bay

so i breathed in their air
and I felt the first touch
as the bravest of the creatures came near
a breath over my skin let me know that this world
is so so different than mine

i quivered
i shook
and the first touch was soft
as the hand glided over my skin

and i breathed and sighed and the creature drew close
as a dance long delayed slowly started
something woke
something deep and arcane
and the brave wonderful creature
held me close and so warm

as the fingers, the hands
the hair of the creature
wound over
wound through and inside me
all mixed with the wind and the breeze of this place
a world I could never have imagined

then gone was the creature
and i was left to my self
to marvel and delight in this place
where sight taken away meant touch could be easy
and closeness so intimately chosen

and now I could see with a sense I’d not known
a creature exquisite drew near
so tender so passionate
so warm and so playful
that all of me ached for the breeze to appear

i slowed
i breathed
and i swayed in the moonlight
i could feel a gaze flow over me
it was if being seen was to feel a touch softly
as the light from the moon was drawn over my skin

and then the first touch
that softness and warmth as it trailed slowly over my skin
it moved where i willed without saying a word
as the creature read every sigh
every sway
every little movement
as we danced in our dream in this world

i spent but a moment
i spent a whole lifetime
dancing with creatures in my dream
the forest is silent
with pockets of touch
glades of pure pleasure
bringing life back to a forest
long lost in it’s blindness

I'd struggled to write for quite some time now.  This poem came from two places.  One, a friend of mine challenged me to write something sensual some time ago and I could never really get my head around it until two ... I went along to a workshop on touch.  In our communities and society we don't touch much and yet humans are social and touch comes naturally.  And touch is particularly valuable in times of difficulty, it helps us feel connected.

(C) Copyright Luke Visser 2017 (written Feb 2017)


  1. the darkened forest felt the warmth of touch and light, may I follow in your foot treads.

  2. Of course ... but it's better to follow your own path :)

  3. Beautiful! It reminded me of my experiences doing The Forest Ritual by Curious Creatures, too. So delicious to be touched by unknown creatures ... and over time (for me) so much less and less scary, until I wasn't scared at all. A new world indeed.